Groundbreaking electromagnetic brain imaging solution

Safe and rapid stroke assessment and monitoring imaging technology that complements MRI and CT, bringing stroke diagnosis closer to symptom onset.

No Ionizing Radiation
No Contrast Agents
Rapid Scan & Results
Cost Effective

EMTensor BrainScanner

The first electromagnetic tomographic brain scanner will be available on the market in 2024 for research purposes and in full FDA approved form for general release soon after.

Our unique and patented technology has empowered EMTensor to develop this novel medical imaging device. As the smallest among all available brain tomographic imaging technologies, EMTensor BrainScanner is completely portable and very maneuverable. It can be brought to the stroke patient, eliminating the need for intra- and interhospital transportation of unstable patients. With its lack of ionizing radiation and its favorable ergonomic properties, EMTensor BrainScanner eliminates exposure to harmful radiation and reduces the risk of injury to patients and clinical staff. It fits perfectly into the limited space of an ambulance or emergency room and is easily accommodated in an intensive care unit. As a complement to MRI and CT, EMTensor BrainScanner enables 24/7 head scanning.

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Fast and Frequent Imaging of Stroke Patients

Continuous 24/7 Brain Imaging

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Bedside Brain Imaging

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In-Ambulance Brain Imaging For Early Triage of Stroke Patients

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