Our Company

EMTensor is the leader in developing electromagnetic tomography (microwave) imaging devices—the safest and smallest of all tomographic modalities.

EMTensor GmbH is owned by its founders and backed by venture capitalists. To date, $20 million of private and public funds have been invested. Governmental agencies from the USA (National Institutes of Health), Switzerland, and Austria have financially supported development of this technology for many years.

EMTensor is based in Vienna, Austria. Its growing number of experienced engineers and support staff is currently 15.

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Our mission is to bring innovative technologies to practical diagnostics of brain pathology, including strokes and brain injuries, followed by 24/7 monitoring of functional viability of tissue and assessment of treatment efficacy or adverse effects.

Our Goals

To create a unique infrastructure based on compact devices, information-processing systems, and services that will be a breakthrough in brain diagnostics. We are shifting the paradigm from a reactive approach, in which treatment follows a delayed diagnosis, to a proactive and preventive approach, in which early diagnosis leads to early, successful treatment.

Every day, we bring forth innovative ideas to save lives.
EMTensor technology can revolutionize healthcare science.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary, international team of leading scientists, engineers, and clinicians specializing in the research and development of modern technologies for fast brain imaging and functional monitoring.


Serguei Semenov


Professor Semenov holds a Doctorate of Science and is an expert in biomedical imaging. He first developed electromagnetic tomographic technology in the United States while
working at the Carolinas
Medical Center.

Igor Sherkunov

Co-Founder, Investor

Mr. Sherkunov is the co-founder of EMTensor GmbH. He is also a board member of Innalabs Ltd. and a major investor in traded companies and non-public ventures.


Grants from

National Institute of Health (NIH),
Swiss AO foundation,
Carolinas HealthCare System,
Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS),
Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG)

30 years

of successful research and development

More than 60

publications and presentations in international conferences

$20 million USD

received in investments

19 issued patents

plus 13 pending patents