Bedside Brain Imaging

EMTensor BrainScanner is a unique, small, and affordable addition that complements MRI and CT for in-hospital management of stroke patients.

EMTensor BrainScanner is a cost-saving bedside brain imaging solution for the general hospital environment, including (but not limited to) the emergency room, intensive care unit, and radiology department.

  • EMTensor BrainScanner can be positioned anywhere in the hospital, bringing brain imaging to the patient and thereby avoiding the complications, risks, time, and costs of moving a sick patient to an MRI or CT machine.
  • EMTensor BrainScanner’s rapid set-up and scanning ability save time during the scanning process, quickly providing results.
  • EMTensor BrainScanner can be operated by a team of two trained personnel without the involvement or supervision of highly qualified radiology personnel.
  • EMTensor BrainScanner allows 24/7 in-hospital head scanning capabilities, promoting efficient time management.

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