During the past number of years, EMTensor has developed four generations of brain scanning devices, with non-incremental improvements in each generation. The duration of each product development cycle is approximately 1.5 years. EMTensor GmbH and its technology is owned by its founders and backed by venture capitalists. Private and public funds totalling $20 million have been invested to date. USA, Swiss, and Austrian governmental agencies have financially supported the development of the technology for many years.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of electromagnetic tomography and continue to develop the technology to make our imaging devices smaller, faster, safer, broadly used, and—within a few years—even wearable!

Like all emerging technologies, there are barriers to overcome to bring our life-saving and life-changing ingenuity to the medical world. Our expertise in research and development is now moving into a new phase, and we welcome interested institutions and potential partners to become involved in the process.

If you are interested in discussing investing in our company, our people, our technology, and our journey, please contact us in confidence at investor@emtensor.com.

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