Based on unique technology, this novel medical imaging device is the smallest of all available brain scanning technologies. Its cost-effectiveness will enable healthcare organizations to manage strokes from onset of symptoms until rehabilitation, reducing hospital length of stay and in-patient care costs.

EMTensor BrainScanner is completely portable and very maneuverable and can be moved to the stroke patient, eliminating the need for intra- or interhospital transportation of unstable patients. The lack of ionizing radiation and its favorable ergonomics, eliminate exposure to harmful radiation or reduce the risk of physical injuries to patients or clinical staff. The scanner fits easily in a standard ambulance as part of a general medical kit, as well as in an emergency room or ICU. It is a complementary scanning option to be used alongside traditional MRI or CT, which enables 24/7 head-scanning capabilities at a hospital or dedicated stroke center.

A true bedside brain imaging solution, which can be positioned and utilized next to a standard patient bed or an emergency room trolly, eliminating the need to move an unstable patient.

Easy-to-operate and easy-to-maneuver. A radiologist is not needed to directly control the device—the radiologist or neurologist can remotely initiate the scanning procedure and remotely review the 3D images at a workstation or tablet. A team of two nurses or paramedics can perform the scanning procedure after just 1 day of training.

Set-up time is less than 10 minutes. The scanner acquires data in milliseconds. These data are reconstructed into 3D images and become available to a radiologist within 7 to 10 minutes. EMTensor BrainScanner is DICOM-compatible and can be integrated into a hospital’s picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Raw data can be transferred from a remote EMTensor Brain Scanner over Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G cellular networks to a dedicated server at the hospital. 

Does not require expensive consumables or contrast agents and only requires a single-use patient cap filled with soft matching gel.

Can be powered by a standard mains electricity supply or by an ambulance’s power supply. No power adaptors are required. It is extremely energy efficient and will not require an independent power supply when used off-site in the field.

Because our technology does not emit harmful radiation, a patient can safely undergo multiple scans and there is no danger to medical staff from repeated exposure. In addition to these safety benefits, there are also cost benefits because an isolated room or protective shields are unnecessary.

Patient friendly. It is extremely quiet, even during the scanning process, and has no claustrophobic effects. The scanning procedure is effective and safe for all patients, including pregnant women and obese patients.