Our Technology

Based on over 25 years of fundamental research and development conducted by leading scientists, we have travelled from a concept, through many iterations and aspirational developments, to finally being able to bring our technology to the medical world. Our technology already has 23 patents issued, with an additional 22 patents pending.


Time to treatment(TTT) determines outcome

Brain injury affects Tens of Millions each year – stroke is only a subset

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of death worldwide


Lower cost device leads to high volume


With elimination of up to 2 hours of transit time, typical outcome:

  • drops from death/permanent disability to temporary disability or full recovery for even rural stroke patients

as if they had a CT/MRI at their local general practitioner’s office


The futility of late stroke treatment and the resulting burdensome outcomes are avoided

  • failure is replaced by opportunity

even where a full set of physician skills is not geographically reachable


The huge cost of the remaining lifespan of stroke survivors and their disability care

  • can be more frequently avoided

due to superior stroke outcomes on large numbers of patients each year