QuantalRF Separately Announces Tape-out of First Quantal Chip

EMTensor, a global leader in Electromagnetic Tomography (ET) imaging solutions, and QuantalRF, an innovator in breakthrough wireless RF technology, today announced that the companies had signed an agreement to jointly evaluate QuantalRF’s Quantal technology within EMTensor’s Generation 4 ET brain scanning device.  

EMTensor’s Solution

EMTensor has rapidly reduced the cost and size of its patented brain-scanning device over four generations of product development.  As currently one of the lightest and smallest of all known brain imaging solutions under development today, EMTensor’s scanner is portable and maneuverable such that it can provide critical early stroke assessment in at bedside in a hospital (emergency) room, or in future even an ambulance.  Electromagnetic Tomography is a novel medical imaging modality which uses safe, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and complements established medical imaging solutions such as MRI, CT, PET, and ultrasound.  The company is in the process of continuing to improve image quality and reduce scan time as they mature their product and proceed with clinical trials.

“We are very excited to integrate QuantalRF’s front-end RF technology into our sensor modules to evaluate potential improvements in our scanner performance and reductions in power,” said Stephen Pearce, CEO of EMTensor.  “QuantalRF has shared RF performance data with us, indicating that scanner image quality improvement and scan time reduction are possible with the addition of Quantal technology to our RF sensors.” 

Quantal Technology

Recognizing the challenges of today’s wireless RF Front-Ends (RFFE), from low data rate, ultra-low-cost/low-power Internet-of-Things (IoT) radios, to highly complex 4G and 5G mobile device RFFE’s, QuantalRF has been developing innovative, patented technologies to address these challenges. The company entered the next phase of its development plan in February with the tape-out of the first Quantal RFIC at TSMC.  QuantalRF expects 1st samples for testing in mid-April.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate the value that our Quantal technology can bring in such an important life-saving application,” said Mike Wrape, Interim CEO for QuantalRF.  “In addition to wireless communication device applications, medical imaging solutions are a fantastic vehicle to demonstrate the benefits of QuantalRF’s disruptive RF Front-End technology.”

About EMTensor

EMTensor is the leader in developing electromagnetic tomography (microwave) imaging devices and has a multidisciplinary, international team of leading scientists, engineers, and clinicians based in Vienna, Austria, and globally.

The company is owned by its founders and backed by venture capitalists. To date, over $20 million of private and public funds have been invested. Governmental agencies from the USA (National Institutes of Health), Switzerland, and Austria have financially supported the development of this technology for many years. Specializing in the research and development of modern technologies for fast brain imaging and functional monitoring, the company has 19 issued patents with another 13 patents pending.

For more information, please visit www.EMTensor.com

About QuantalRF

QuantalRF is a global wireless RF technology company with offices in the US and Europe.  The company plans to license its Quantal Technologies to semiconductor manufacturer customers through wireless standard specific Reference Design Kits (RDKs).  QuantalRF also licenses its legacy CPL antenna designs to OEMs and ODMs manufacturing high volume wireless products.

QuantalRF is currently in two locations:  QuantalRF AG is located in Zürich, Switzerland representing the company’s headquarters.  US-based QuantalRF, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary located in San Diego, California.

For more information, please visit QuantalRF


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